About Us

Welcome to BPB, a technology blog targeted to India!

I’m Gulshan Bhagat, a tech enthusiast and the founder of bestpowerbank.in. My deep love for technology and gadgets inspire me to create helpful contents for this blog!

We are team of five tech enthusiasts commitment to produce quality contents around technology and gadgets in simple english language to help Indian audience understand betterly.


  • Gulshan Bhagat
  • Ujwal Panday
  • Roshan Prasad
  • Sneha Singh
  • Priyanka Sao

What Sets Us Apart

In-Depth Analysis: We don’t just scratch the surface. Our team of tech enthusiasts and experts dives deep into the latest trends, providing you with comprehensive insights into the tech landscape.

User-Friendly Content: We believe that understanding technology shouldn’t be a daunting task. That’s why we present complex concepts in a user-friendly manner, ensuring that everyone – from tech novices to experts – can find value in our content.

Diverse Topics: From the latest gadgets and software to emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and more, we cover a diverse range of topics that cater to the varied interests of our audience.

What You Can Expect

Reviews: Honest and thorough reviews of the latest gadgets, devices, and software to help you make informed decisions.

Trending Tech: Stay updated on the hottest trends shaping the tech landscape, from breakthrough innovations to industry disruptions.

How-To Guides: Practical guides and tutorials to help you navigate the tech world, whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or exploring a new gadget.

Expert Opinions: Insights from industry experts and thought leaders, providing you with a deeper understanding of the technological advancements shaping our future.