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15 Important Things To Consider When Buying a Power Bank

Are you confusing on how to choose a power bank for mobile? Then you’re in the right place!

Here we go through 15 essential features that makes a power bank the best one. And also you learn importance of those features in any power bank.

So keep reading this complete buying guide to choose the right power bank for your mobile phone that fits your needs and that is worth buying!

How To Choose a Power Bank For Mobile?

I have shared 15 essential features you can look for when buying the power bank for mobile.

So here we go!

1. Always Choose a Good Quality Power Bank Over Cheap & Low-Quality One!

How to choose a power bank


  1. Because a low-quality power bank may stop working in a few days and it may not be value for money even if you bought it in a cheap price.
  2. Because power banks contain high-density lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries which may explode and fatal for you if the power bank is made up of low-quality cheap materials.
  3. And also a cheap power bank would ruin your expensive mobile or devices battery which you’re going to connect to charge with it.

So choosing a right power bank for mobile starts with the good quality which offers reliability, durability, and efficiency when charging your mobile phone.

And always remember, when buying a power bank you’re actually buying a high powered battery so quality matter the most!

So do some research on the brand and specific model of the power bank to make sure it has good reviews and a reputation for reliability.

2. Choose a Power Bank That Has Higher Capacity (mAh) Than Your Mobile.

How to choose a power bank for mobile


  1. Because a higher capacity power bank have enough power to chare your mobile fully.
  2. By buying a higher capacity power bank you ensure multiple times charging your mobile before putting the power bank for re-charging.
  3. And also a higher capacity power bank works well while charging multiple devices simultaneously.

For example if you have a iPhone 14 pro that has 3200 mAh (milliamphere-hour) battery capacity then choosing 10000mAh capacity power bank would enough for you! Because a 10000 mAh power bank can charge your iPhone two times before it need to be recharged.

And it is recommended and also be worthy to buy a power than that has at least enough capacity to charge your specific mobile two times fully before recharging the power bank.

3. The Power Bank Must Compatible or Offer Fast Charging.

Power bank buying guide


  1. To charge your mobile in minutes.
  2. To re-charge the power bank itself in less time.
  3. To save your valuable time.

Seriously, it will be so annoying and time consuming to charge a mobile with a slow charing power bank.

So consider buying a power bank that offers at least 12Watts [12V/1A, 6V/2A, etc] fast charging.

4. Must Consider At Least Two Output Ports With a Power Bank.


  • To charge two devices simultaneously.

A power bank with multiple output ports let’s you charge your multiple devices at the same time.

The output ports of power banks may include USB Type A, B, C. Choose the power bank that has two output ports including one USB Type-C.

5. Try To Select a Power Bank That Offers Input & Output USB Type-C Ports.


  1. USB Type-C output port enables more fast and effective charging that can charge your mobile more quickly.
  2. USB Type-C input port also enables input fast charging so the power bank gets up in less time.
  3. Another benefit of having USB Type-C input port is that you can charge the power bank with your mobile’s charger, so you don’t need to find any extra cable to charge the power bank.

You can take advantage of USB Type-C – USB Type-C fast charging if the power bank has Type-C output port.

So consider USB Type-C input and output ports to get several advantages.

6. You Dhould Consider Buying an Easy To Carry or Portable Power Bank.


  1. To easy to carry in a pocket or backpack.
  2. You may need a pocket friendly power bank to charge your mobile on the go!
  3. Portable power banks are more travel friendly.

Portability of the power banks are one of the main features to consider when buying a power bank. A power bank that isn’t much heavy and bulky may best choice for you.

However, size and weight of the power bank also depends on the capacity of the power bank. Generally, 10000mAh power bank or less than are more likely to see in small, slim, light, and portable in size.

So if you need a high capacity power bank like 20000mAh you may need to compromise the size and weight of the power bank. Because they are naturally heavy and big in sizes as they holds a large battery.

Also read: Which power bank is better 10000mah or 20000mah?

7. You Must Consider Safety Features With The Power Bank In Order To Protect Your Devices.


  1. To protect your devices from over voltage, short circuit, heating, etc issues.
  2. To charge your mobile safely and effectively.
  3. To protect your mobile from damaging while charging with a power bank.

As I have already said safety is the first and foremost feature you have to pay attention while buying a power bank.

So look for safety features such as input and output over voltage protection, heating prevention, input and output over charged protection, short circuit protection, and more as possible.

8. Try To Pick a Power Bank That Offers Anti-slip Edge or Non-slippery Body Texture.


  • To avoid get slipped down by hands.
  • Repeatedly slipping down by hands may drastically damage the power bank.

Anti-slip edge texture could save the power bank from many uncertain fall downs by your hands that indirectly increases the life or durability of the power bank and vice versa.

9. The Power Bank Should Offer Low Charging Mode In Order To Charge Your Small Devices Safely.

How to choose a power bank for mobile


  • To charge your small devices like headphones, earpods, cameras, smartwatches, and more things safely and effectively.

Is it not advantageous to buy a power bank that also support to charge your small devices?

If yes, then consider low power charging mode or compatibility to charge your low power devices without any fear of high voltage.

10. Must Consider Power Bank Indicators Which Shows Remaining Battery capacity.


  • Power indicators helps you to get idea how much power is left in the power bank.
  • It helps you to plan whether the power bank needs recharge or not.

Usually, power indicators are in built as 4 LED lights and each light shows 25% charge. So if the power bank glows their all 4 lights it means it was charged fully.

So consider power indicators to avoid finding dead power bank in need.

11. You Must Consider Power Auto-cut Feature In The Power Bank.


  • To avoid unnecessary energy flow from the power bank.
  • To avoid over charging.

This is a safety feature that helps to prevent overcharging of the device. And this feature protect the power bank from being damaged and increases the life span of the power bank.

Many power banks still supplying energy even your mobile got fully charged that may damage your devices.

So you need to consider power auto cut feature in the power that automatically cut off the power supply when your mobile being fully charged.

12. Consider Fast Charging Protocols If Your Mobile Supports The Same.


  • To charge your mobile in relatively less time than standard power banks. Power Delivery charging can charge your mobile 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • To juice up your power bank more quickly.

You need consider fast charging protocols like Power Delivery (PD), Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC), etc.

One of the key features of these protocols are their ability to deliver a wide range of power levels, from small amounts of power needed to maintain a device’s battery level to high levels of power needed to charge a device quickly. PD also includes built-in safeguards to protect against overloading and overheating, ensuring a safe and reliable power transfer.

Note to take advantage of these fast charging protocols you must need a supported mobile, power bank, and cable.

13. Choose Lithium-ion (Li-ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li-po) Battery Types.


  • Li-ion batteries are generally more durable and can handle more charge and discharge cycles, which may make them a better choice for power banks with a higher capacity.
  • Li-poly batteries are typically thinner and lighter than Li-ion batteries, which makes them well-suited for use in slim and lightweight power banks.

Ultimately, the choice between a Li-ion and Li-poly battery will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

14. Must Look For Warranty For At Least Six Months.


  • Because if something goes wrong with your power bank during the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer or seller to request repair or replacement of the product.
  • It can give you peace of mind and help you feel more confident in your purchase.
  • It can save your cost of having to buy a new power bank or pay for repairs out of pocket.

So must consider warranty when buying a power bank. It would be more beneficial and relaxing if you’re going to buy a expensive model.

However, make sure to read the warranty information carefully and understand what is covered and what is not. Some warranties may only cover defects in materials or workmanship, while others may also cover problems that arise from normal use.

15. You Can Also Look For Additional Things In The Power Bank Like:

  • A in-built flash light.
  • A digital display that shows remaining battery level.

How Can I Save Money When Buying a Power Bank For Mobile?

Here I have shared some tips that may help you to save money in your purchase.

  • Compare prices from different retailers and online stores to find your cheaper and best deal.
  • Look and wait for sales and discounts if you haven’t in urgent.
  • Look for lower capacity because lower capacity power banks are generally cheaper than higher ones.
  • It is not necessary to buy power bank from well known brand’s in order to get a good product. Instead look for a power bank that meets your needs and has good reviews, regardless of the brand. So you can save a few bucks which may you have to pay as brand value.

So these are some quick tips which may help you to save a few bucks while buying a power bank.

How Do I Choose The Right Capacity Power Bank For Me?

The right power bank capacity for you depends on your three things:

Your Mobile Battery: Your capacity need directly depends on your mobile’s battery capacity. For example if you have a 3500mAh mobile battery then you need at least 5000mAh capacity power bank to charge your mobile at least one time fully.

And if you have 5000mAh mobile battery then you need higher than 5000mAh power bank to charge your mobile at least one time fully. Due to difference between rated capacity and actual output of power banks.

Your Charging Frequency: If you want to charge your mobile multiple times a day then you probably need a higher capacity power bank to meet your mobile’s capacity need. For example if you have a 3500mAh mobile battery and you want to charge your mobile two times a day without putting your power bank in charge again and again then you need at least 10000mAh power bank to meet your goal.

And if you only want to charge your 3500mAh battery once a day then 5000mAh power bank would enough for you.

Your size and weight preferences: If you want a small, slim, light, and pocket friendly power bank then 10000mAh or less power bank would best suitable for you! Because higher capacity power banks are usually heavy and big in sizes.

Final Words On How To Choose a Power Bank For Mobile?

Power banks hold high powered batteries, so its become increasingly important to choose a quality power bank over cheap and low quality one.

So these are almost all features and information which you need when buying a right power bank for your mobile phone. I hope this article would help you! Best of luck for your purchase!

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