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How To Make a Power Bank Last Longer: 15 Simple Tips

Power banks are one of the necessary device in today’s world. It gives us convenience to charge our mobile or devices on the go. By carring a power bank with yourself, you secure all day long battery backup for your mobile or devices.

However, like any other electronic devices power bank also has limited lifespan. But we still can able to significantly longer our power banks efficiency and lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

So in this blog post I have shared 15 beneficial tips on how to make a power bank last longer and prolong its efficiency.

15 Tips To Make a Power Bank Last Longer:

Making your power bank last longer is not that much hard thing, you probably think it is. And you can prolong your power bank lifespan with some easy ways like keeping it in the right, using it for compatible devices, charging it properly, etc.

These are some tips that helps you to keep your power bank healthy and effective for long periods of time.

1. Choose Quality:

Buy a good quality power bank from a reputable brand to ensure better build quality and a longer lifespan. This is the first step to having a better performance and long-lasting power bank. Quality power banks contain good-quality batteries and circuitry system that makes them perform better and last longer.

2. Use a Compatible or Manufacture certified Charger:

A wrong and incompatible cable may cause serious damage to your power bank. So always try to charge your power bank with manufacturer provided cable or any other compatible cables.

3. Charge Your Power Bank With Right or Stable Voltage:

Do not charge your power bank with damaged of a charger that is not able to provide stable voltage. Plugging the power bank with extremely low or high voltages could cause damage to the power bank battery.

4. Avoid Charging Even After Fully Charged:

Charging the power bank over fully charged is one the main reason one will damage their power bank in less time. If you also have a habit to leave your power bank in charge for a long time and if you don’t worry about overcharging, then you’re doing very wrong with your power bank. Overcharging will damage the power bank severely and it is not recommended to overcharge even if your power bank has anti-overcharge protection. So try to unplug your power bank after fully charged as soon as possible.

5. Do Not Charge Your Power Bank With Low Quality Charger:

Do not charge your power bank with a low-quality charger because low-quality chargers may provide unstable current to the power bank that causes the battery to drain faster. So always use a high-quality charger to keep your power safe and healthy.

6. Don’t Use Your Power Bank in Extreme Weather Conditions.

Avoid using your power bank in extremely hot temperatures as it causes the power bank to damage faster due to increase heat in the power bank.

7. Do Not Drop Your Power Bank.

A sudden drop is not in your control. But you need to avoid dropping your power bank as possible. A drop can able to give enormous damage to a power bank’s PCB and other spares that can cause problems in its performance. However, you can also place it in a metal case that helps to protect the power bank from dropage or any other things.

8. Keep Your Power Bank Clean.

If you really want to make your power bank last longer then you need to maintain and keep it in good condition. A power bank with full of dirt and poor maintenance has a shorter lifespan.

9. Avoid Using Cheap Power Banks.

We cannot expect long-lasting performance with cheap low-quality power banks because they are made with low-cost materials, so they are stopped working after a few uses. So always buy high-quality power banks for better and long-lasting performance.

10. Don’t Fully Discharge Your Power Bank. 

Don’t fully discharge your power bank every time. Connect your power bank to recharging when it has at least a 10-20% charge available. Discharging to 0% can cause the power bank’s battery to damage faster.

11. Store Your Power Bank Properly. 

One of the easiest things you can do to increase your power bank lifespan is to store it in the right place where there does not come direct sunlight and humidity. Storing the power bank in an inappropriate place can hurt it which affects the overall performance. So always keep your power bank in a cool and dry place.

12. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions Before Use:

If you’re a beginner at using a power bank and you don’t know how to use it then you can read the user manual that is usually provided with power banks. That user manual includes all the information you need to know about that power bank from how to charge to how to use it properly. So if you to make your power bank last longer you need to follow the same instructions given in the user manual.

13. Avoid Water Exposure:

If you really want to get full of your investment, keep away your power bank from any type of liquid things, including water. Don’t use your power bank in rain and where there are chances to get interact with water substances.

14. Regularly Charge and Discharge:

Power banks and any other electronic devices are made to use. So not using your power bank for a long time can cause indirect damage to its battery, which affects its charging efficiency. So use it regularly or a few days gap to it last longer.

15. Use Power Bank for Intended Devices:

Do not charge incomplete devices with your bank that may demand high battery capacity and current than the power bank can able to supply which leads to damage the more faster. So always use it to charge compatible devices to get more of it. You can read the product specification to know which devices it supports or which is not.

Conclusion How To Make a Power Bank Last Longer:

So from proper charging tips to storing, I have outlined everything which help you to extend your power bank lifespan and efficiency. So take care for your power bank by following these 15 tips to get most of from your power bank investment.

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