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Which Power Bank Is Better 10000mAh or 20000mAh? Conclusion

Many people got confused when they’re buying a power bank that which power bank is better 10000mAh or 20000mAh? Should I go with 10000mAh or higher? What capacity power bank would perfect for me? Which capacity power bank performs well? And more such questions!

So in the debate of 10000mAh vs 20000mAh power banks I,ve shared deep comparison of both capacities and also I have shared pros and cons of both capacity power banks to find which capacity would better for you in different conditions and needs.

So let’s get started!

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Which Power Bank Is Better 10000mAh or 20000mAh?

10000mAh power banks store less energy but gives advantage of portability. Where as 20000mAh power banks store large energy but they are usually bulky and costly.

Basic Differences Between 10000mAh and 20000mAh Power Banks:

Capacity (mAh): Milliampere hour (mAh) is commonly used to measure the energy charge that a power bank can hold. The higher the power bank’s mAh number, the more it can store energy so the more it can be able to deliver juices to your devices before the power bank also runs out of energy or needs to be recharged. So the most basic differeces between 10000mAh and 20000mAh power banks are 20000mAh power bank can hold more energy charge than 10000mAh.

Size & Weight: Generally, size and weight of power banks increase with mAh. The more the mAh, the more power bank become bulky. So here we can say that 10000mAh power banks are more portable option than 20000mAh one!

Price: Generally, price is also depends on the mAh. Higher mAh power banks are more costly than lower ones. So you need to pay more for 20000mAh than 10000mAh for the same quality.

How Good Is 10000mAh Power Bank?

The performance and efficiency of any power bank (not only 10000 mAh) depends on several factors, including the quality of internal battery cells and the quality of charging circuitry.

It doesn’t depend on specific capacity. So a 10000mah power bank can also perform well if the power bank is made of high-quality materials.

Even though this capacity is popular among users, it doesn’t well fit everybody. It also has some cons that we’ve explained below.


  • Budget Friendly: Because of less capacity 10000mAh power banks are less costly than 20000mAh one! So if you are going to choose 10000 mAh then you may need to pay less money for the same quality products.
  • Best For Single Device Charging: If you have only one mobile or device to charge with power bank then 20000 mAh power bank may become unnecessary for you. You may not able to take full advantage of 20000 mAh power bank. So in this case 10000 mAh would right for you and saves you a few bucks.
  • Better Portability: Generally, 10000mAh power banks are available as slim, light, small, easy to carry, and pocket friendly shapes and sizes than 20000mAh power banks.


  • Not Good For Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously: The main disadvantage of 10000mAh power banks are that it only provide us 6600 mAh as actual output to charge your mobile or devices. So if you want to charge your multiple mobiles at the same time, it may not able to fulfil the energy demand.
  • As a 10000mah power bank provides a decent output power (6660mah), it might not be sufficient for charging high mah battery devices. Additionally, it might not perform well while charging multiple devices simultaneously. Moreover, nowadays, most new smartphones come with high battery capacities such as 4000mah, 5000mAh, etc. For these new smartphone models, a 10000mah power bank might not be a good choice because it couldn’t even charge them twice fully.
  • Less Battery Backup: If you’re planning 10000mAh power bank for long trips, travels, journeis, and anything where there is need for huge battery demand then it might be insufficient for you. Because it can only provides you around โ…” of 10000mah as actual output which may not sufficient to suppy juices to your mobile and accessories like cameras, speakers, etc.

How Good Is 20000mAh Power Bank?


  • Long Lasting Battery Backup: A 20000mAh power bank could provide you around 14000mAh as actual output which is enough to charge your mobile phone multiple times. And if you’re looking for a power bank to carry a large battery backup then 20000mAh would perfect for you.
  • Good For Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously: Due to it holds large battery it become a good power bank for charging multiple devices simultaneously. With a 20000mAh power bank you ensure enough capacity that can handle and provides sufficient juices to your multiple mobile phones at the same time.
  • Good For Long Trips, travel, etc: If you’re planning a long tour and you need a large battery backup for your mobile and accessories then with a 20000mAh you may need your meets.


  • Costly: A 20000mAh power bank is usually more expensive than 10000mAh power bank because of higher capacity.
  • Not Easy To Carry: Because of their huge capacity 20000mAh power banks are generally large and heavy in shapes and sizes that may feel you uncomfortable to carry.

Which Power Bank Do I Choose 10000mAh or 20000mAh?

Well, which capacity power bank is perfect for you depends on several things and those are explained below:

  • Your Budget: Budget plays a main role when choosing the one between 10000mAh and 20000mAh power banks. You must have a little bit high budget if you’re going to choose 20000mAh instead of 10000mAh. If you’re in tight budget then considering 10000mAh is well fit for you.
  • Your Capacity Need: Do you have multiple devices or high battery devices to charge with power bank? If yes, then my recommendation is 20000mAh because a 10000mAh may not able to fulfil your capacity demand without filling itself again and again. So for high battery supply 20000mAh power bank is good. Or, if you have only a single phone or small battery devices then 10000mAh power bank may sufficient for you.
  • Tip: Try to pick a power bank that can charge your mobile at least two times completely before recharging itself.
  • Your size & weight preferences: Do you want a power bank that comfortably fit in your pocket? Then, 10000mAh is right for you because they’re usually small and light than 20000mAh because of their less capacity.
  • Or, if you have not issue with size and weight of the power bank and you just need a long lasting power bank then choosing 20000mAh will be your satisfactory choice.

Conclusion: 10000mah vs 20000mah Power Bank

Basis10000 mAh20000 mAh
PerformanceDepends on quality Depends on quality
Actual Capacity approx. 6,660 mAh 13,333 mAh
Durability Depends on quality Depends on quality
Weight Usually, 10000 mAh power banks are light and slim.Usually, 20000 mAh power banks are heavy because of their large battery capacity.
Pocket Friendly Usually, 10000 mAh power banks are pocket friendly.Usually, 20000 mAh power banks are bulky & not pocket friendly.
Multi charging efficiency It gives you average performance while charging multiple devices simultaneously.It gives you excellent performance while charging multiple devices simultaneously.
Battery BackupIt carries a decent battery capacity that may insufficient for long a trip, travel, etc.It provides you long lasting battery backup.
Travel FriendlyBecause of their light and small size, they become easy to carry while traveling.Because of their bulkiness, they become a little bit uncomfortable to carry while traveling.
PriceLess costly with less capacity.More costly, but large capacity.
Best ForPocket friendly and easy to carry.Long lasting battery backup and good for charging multiple devices.

It doesn’t make a sense to say that 10000mAh power bank is better than 20000mAh or 20000mAh power bank is better than 10000mAh in terms of performance. Because the performance of any power bank is depends on their quality of the materials that are used. It doesn’t depends on the 10000mAh or 20000mAh capacity.

But apart from performance, charging efficiency, charging conversion, compatibility, fast charging, durability, and etc. things, we still have some other things to compare and find out which capacity would right for you!

However, both capacity power banks are good and performs well if they are good quality products. There is nothing performance issues with capacity.

The main difference between both of the capacity power banks are that 10000mAh power banks stores less energy but gives advantage of portability. Where as 20000mAh power banks store large energy but they are usually bulky and costly.

But which power bank capacity would right for you depends on your capacity need and budget.

If you have multiple devices and your capacity need and budget both are higher then 20000 mAh, if not then 10000 mAh would perfect!

FAQs: Which Power Bank Is Better 10000mah or 20000mah

Is 10000mAh Power Bank Good For iPhone?

Yes, a 10000mah power bank can be a good choice for an iPhone because it can charge most iPhones multiple times.
For example, iPhone 14 Pro has a battery capacity of 3200mah, which means that a 10000mah power bank can charge it twice fully (10000mah power banks actually have around 6660mah as real output capacity).
Choosing a power bank that holds enough energy to charge your smartphone at least twice before recharging itself will be your smart choice.
However, quality, charging speed, and other factors are also important when considering a 10000mah power bank for your iPhones.

Is 10000mah Power Bank Good For Travel?

Yes, a 10000mah power bank can be a good choice for travel. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry on the go. Usually, 10000mah power banks are pocket friendly and can be easily carriable in your pocket or bag. Additionally, it provides a decent power bank that can charge most smartphones once or twice fully. So if you’re a single mobile user, then 10000mah can be your reliable power source while traveling.
But if you are planning a long trip and looking for a power bank that can provide enough energy to your multiple devices such as smartphones, cameras, headphones, etc. throughout the trip, then 10000mah may be insufficient for the need because it only has 6660mah as actual output.
Ultimately, a 10000mah power bank will be your good choice for travel or not, depends on your intention to use it. If you’re planning a 10000mah to juice up your several devices, including smartphones, and several other gadgets throughout the trip then it might be insufficient. So in that case you may need a bigger capacity power bank.

Is 10000mah Power Bank Enough?

10000mah power banks are compact power banks. They’re convenient to carry and use on the go. If you’re a frequent traveler or looking for an easy-to-carry power bank, a 10000mah may satisfy your thirst. Overall, 10000mah power banks are a good choice as they provide a good balance between portability and power. But it is not recommended for those who need a power bank for high-battery devices or multiple devices where there is demand for a high power supply.

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